This most recent fall circuit was the last dance in 2019 for the GAINSCO Auto Insurance show car program, and of course, that dance involved some Texas Two-Step as well as a Tennessee Tango! In other words, the show car circuit spent time in the Lone Star State and out East in the Volunteer State. The first step started in the direction of Cleburne, TX at the Business Expo where EZ-Pay Insurance asked GAINSCO Territory Manager Rachel Howard to swing in with the Red Dragon for the day. The event really helped showcase what an independent insurance agency has to offer, it was a great way to get in a groove! We’ll get back to Texas, but next, it was time to hustle over to the home of the blues and birthplace of rock-n-roll, Memphis TN. This was the first show car event in this territory and TM Kayla Porter with her agent Paul Mitchel and Associates pioneered a unique opportunity for our No.99 race car. As we occupied real estate at Crosstown Brewery for the annual Octoberfest, the occasion was lively, engaging, and went off without missing a beat. Afterward, we walked the line so to speak, heading just a few hours down the highway to Kayla’s hometown of Paris, TN, which by the way has its own mini-Eifel Tower. Rhodes Insurance was the lucky local partner agent that got to strut a race car out in front of their office for the day.

With a few days off to explore, there were some amazing bucket list stops to check off, more on that below. However, having been re-energized, we waltzed into The Westin Chattanooga, for the Insurors of Tennessee convention. The last convention of the year for the show car program was a two-day ordeal and was a much-needed opportunity for the sales team to catch up with agents and get a chance to make introductions to new ones! With a job well done, TM Derek King and I boot-scooted east to Morristown, TN. Derek invited me to meet his family and hang out while in his neck of the woods, and what an awesome time it was. I was treated to some home-cooked meals, sat in on some sales meetings, and tagged along to see what a day in the life of a GAINSCO Auto Insurance Territory Manger is like. Wow! The number of agent visits made and miles the TMs lay down on the road every week is just incredible! It was back to show car business though, as Derek and his agent First Choice Tax and Insurance partnered up with the city of Morristown for BOO Fest at Fred Miller Park. Tons of candy were handed out along with countless photos with the GAINSCO Red Dragon as over 5,000 costumed kids made stops along the Trick-or-Treat Trail. It was an extremely busy night, and we ended up with over 120 leads!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and be that as it may, the show car had to boogie back home. Headed to Central Texas, a territory that has rarely tangoed with the show car, TM David Salazar choreographed his very first show car events with two agencies eager to create some buzz with the holiday season that is in our midst. The TX sales team sent reinforcements to help out at both events, and we were happy to have the help. Valor Insurance in Bryan, TX was next up, and even though we came prepared, the customer appreciation event was hampered by rainy cold weather. With two giant tents and heaters to keep everyone and everything dry, our team and agency were still in great spirits, with hot pizzas, fresh pan dulce bread, and local radio on site. GAINSCO made a memorable experience for Valor Insurance and its customers. With the weather passing overnight, the final act was in Waco, TX, with Amtex insurance pictured above. Amtex pulled out all the stops, corralling multiple vendors including local radio and had several promotional cars displayed alongside our rowdy Red Dragon. It was a block party that included Thanksgiving turkey giveaways, food, face painting and door prizes for all ages. It was an enormous effort with fantastic results, what a fitting way to wrap up the year.

The GAINSCO trio of Rachal, Heather, and Devin team up for a busy event with EZ-Pay Insurance at the Business Expo in Cleburne, TX.

First Choice Insurance in Morristown, TN hosted the show car at the towns Halloween Boo Fest it was a big hit with all the trick-or-treaters.

Well this may be a first, a show car event at an Octoberfest celebration; Crosstoberfest at Crosstown Brewing Company with Paul Mitchell and Associates Inc. in Memphis, TN.

It’s a tight-knit Texas sales group at Valor Insurance in Bryan, TX. Partly to help TM David Salazar with his first show car event, and maybe as well because it was cold and raining.

Sweet Rides

After the Insurors of Tennessee convention in Chattanooga, I went on foot to explore around one of my favorite towns. I happened upon the Nina and Pinta 15th century carvel replicas docked at Ross’s Landing.

We saw this amazingly handcrafted sweet ride at our Halloween Boo Fest event. We hooked up this avid race fan with a bunch of GAINSCO racing swag, including some more stickers for his ride!

Good Eats

My family came-with to help kick off the show car circuit at Crosstober Fest in Memphis, TN. Afterward, we spent quality time in Shelby Farms Park. Before leaving, we fed the horses their favorite food, hay!

While in Chattanooga, I was researching a lunch spot to fuel up, and Rolling J’s Sandwich Shop filled up my tank. I was treated with two tasty offerings, a “Cheesy Pig” pork bbq, and “Pizza” grilled cheese!


I was saving this for a special occasion and with this road trip being the last call, I ordered up a tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN. It was a really neat tour of the history, facilities, and all the moving parts that come together to make the Iconic Tennessee Whiskey. Of course, my favorite part of the tour was tasting at the end!

This bucket list stop was absolutely surreal. The Ministers Tree House in Crossville TN was an amazing structure and story, I am so grateful to have explored it in person! Unfortunately it has long been abandoned, and a week later-burned down.


  • October 5th– EZ Pay Insurance, Cleburne TX.
  • October 12th– Crosstober Fest, Crosstown Brewery: Pete Mitchell & Associates, Memphis TN.
  • October 15th– Rhodes Insurance Agency, Paris TN.
  • October 19th-22nd– Insurors of Tennessee, Chattanooga TN.
  • October 24th– TM ride-along, Johnson City TN.
  • October 28th– First Choice Tax and Insurance, Morristown TN.
  • November 14th– Elektra Tax and Insurance, Bryan TX.
  • November 15th– Amtex Auto Insurance, Waco TX.  

4,482 miles driven through Tennessee and Texas

Special Thanks to: Territory Managers Rachel Howard, Heather Sheltra, Kayla Porter, Derek King, Chris Salazar, Isadora Breeding, Cynthia Turner, and Sales Manager Devin Bryant.

As the sun sets and one chapter closes, the sunrise brings on a new day. After touring around the country for well over a decade, the GAINSCO Auto Insurance show car program is officially ending. For me, the past eight years have been a true blessing and one heck of a ride! As I reflect on all that has been accomplished here with such a great company, my family and I are truly grateful for the journey and opportunity to be a part of GAINSCO, the racing legacy, and history. I want to take this time to thank everyone who has been a part of, or read the On The Road blog over the years, it has been an amazing experience to share the show car travels with all of you. Keep an eye out in the future, because you never know, you might just see me in the office working in your department! A special thank you to Sarah Bactad and Mercedes Jackson for editing the On The Road blogs and making these reads the absolute best they can.


Your Show Car Driver and Manager, Daryl Brown