Summer Road Trip


It was a long summer road trip that took the GAINSCO Auto Insurance® show car program on the road for over a month, making stops for show car events and conventions in the Tampa/ Orlando Florida area, then up to tour the entire state of Virginia! While we are nearing completion of our new No.99 GTS Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the race team is also using the new GAINSCO Hyundai Genesis show car that debuted earlier this year, to help test and build the race car. So in the meantime…we brought back an oldie but a goodie,- the 2013 Corvette Daytona Prototype – for the summer!

The classic Red Dragon always garners attention and smiles from race fans, so it was no surprise that it was a big hit! Pictured above is the crew from Competitive Insurance in Haines City FL, who was excited to have the show car at their office. They had hosted a previous show car event years ago with the Pontiac Riley Daytona Prototype, and now hope to get another chance in the future to have the GTS Hyundai Genesis Coupe, completing the trifecta of GAINSCO Auto Insurance show cars!

6-15_amistad The kids were lining up for a turn to sit in the shiny red No. 99 Corvette Daytona Prototype at Amistad Insurance in Bradenton FL.
6-15_faia It was a team effort for these girls on the GAINSCO racing simulator at the FAIA convention in Orlando FL. One drove while the other shifted through the gears!
6-15_cwp Sign holding is always an important job, and CWP Insurance in Norfolk VA called-in all friends and family to help make their show car event a success!
6-15_commonwealth Commonwealth Insurance in Williamsburg VA had a puppeteer with a whole gang of puppets, and he was teaching kids how fun this performing art can really be!

Sweet Rides

6-15_sweet_rides_1 Some show car love! When this super late-model Chevy pulled up to our event in Haines City FL, it was generating excitement for the local race track, Bronco Raceway Park.
6-15_sweet_rides_2 It’s not every day you see a Maserati, and this brand new Ghibli S Q4 404hp twin turbo pulled over to check out the No. 99 Red Dragon!

Only In…

6-15_only_in_1 Only In…Florida’s diverse Latin culture did I find out why it’s called “Shaved Ice”. Amistad Insurance’s authentic Dominican shaved ice guy made his specialty drinks by literally shaving a big block of ice!
6-15_only_in_2 Only In…Virginia Beach VA would you find a pub called “Abbey Road” where GAINSCO’s Fab Four VA convention group would catch “Beetlemania”


6-15_travels_1 The FAIA convention was just minutes from Sea World…who could resist? I had a blast getting to interact with the sea life! The last time I was at a Sea World was probably my sophomore year in college at the California park.
6-15_travels_2 After the event in Front Royal VA, Amy Gamble (Corporate Marketing Director) and I explored Skyline Caverns. This series of geologic caves is one of the only places on earth where rare Anthodites are displayed.


  • June 15th– Amistad Insurance, Bradenton FL
  • June 16th– Competitive Insurance, Haines City, FL.
  • June 18th– FAIA Convention, Orlando FL.
  • June 19th– FAIA Convention, Orlando FL.
  • June 28th– PIA VA/DC, Virginia Beach FL.
  • June 30th– Skyline Insurance, Front Royal FL.
  • July 2nd– Insurance Solutions, Roanoke VA.
  • July 10th– CWP Insurance Advisors, Norfolk VA.
  • July 11th– Commonwealth Insurance, Williamsburg VA.
6-15_map = 4,204 miles driven in Florida and Virginia

Special thanks to our Territory Managers: Tracy Cornelissen, Amber Driggers, Kevin McCauley, Tedra Bellamy, and Sales Managers Jose Mimoso, and Ray Lozano.