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2017November 10

Final Fall Push

Fall is always that time of year that takes the show car program out on the road for about a month or so to do show car events. It is that [...]

2017October 1

Here, then there, just about everywhere.

Here, then there, just about everywhere! After enjoying most of the summer in a cool office setting at GAINSCO’s headquarters, it was time to get back on the road and out [...]

2017July 10

In full swing

Conventions are in full swing during the summer months and that normally means a ton of appearances for GAINSCO Auto Insurance® and the show car program. This year was no different [...]

2017June 18

Texas Edition

This year GAINSCO Auto Insurance’s ® “Texas Edition” show car circuit was about as big as they come! Traveling the state to work with GAINSCO partner agents throughout the month of [...]

2017April 30

Short, sweet, and to the point

Short, sweet, and to the point! April’s show car circuit was a quick trip out east to visit GAINSCO Auto Insurance’s® Georgia and South Carolina territories. This latest southeast trip was [...]

2017March 30

New faces in familiar places

The start of the 2017 GAINSCO Show Car season kicked off with a two-part circuit that saw a Florida to Arizona road trip with plenty of new faces in familiar places! [...]