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2019December 6

The Last Dance

This most recent fall circuit was the last dance in 2019 for the GAINSCO Auto Insurance show car program, and of course, that dance involved some Texas Two-Step as well as [...]

2019October 7

Its wild out West

It’s wild out west! The GAINSCO Auto Insurance show car program saddled up and headed west for the past few months making stops in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.  I am [...]

2019June 10

Texas Edition

The past few months have been extremely active for the GAINSCO Auto Insurance Show Car Program. Most of that time was spent on the road in Texas. Almost all of the [...]

2019March 10

Alive and well in 2019

The GAINSCO Auto Insurance Show car program is alive and well in 2019! We are moving into the future with plans to carry on the torch of GAINSCO Racing’s storied heritage [...]

2018November 10

Busy October, Fall is MIA

October was the last circuit of 2018 for the GAINSCO show car program. It was a busy month that started out with an annual Texas Pioneer Days festival appearance, followed by [...]