After a tranquil few summer months for the show car program, it felt like “just what the doctor ordered.” Seriously, it was doctors’ orders due to my scheduled August surgery. Reassured and grateful things went as planned, it was time to get back on the road to break new show car ground in the Southwest- Utah that is! With GAINSCO’s Southwest territories gearing up to host many of its partner agents at the 2018 Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix, there was limited opportunity…

…But both Utah TM Madeleine Stenger and New Mexico TM Christine Lormand made the most of theirs! Madeleine was eager to learn and show her agents what the GAINSCO Red Dragon™ was all about! She was hosting her very first show car events just ahead of attending her first race, so it was a good thing I came to town to give the crash course in GAINSCO Racing. Everybody was excited including Madeleine, pictured above (right) with the Cornerstone Capital Group who were also headed to the race. TM Christine helped us out the UAIIA convention as well also hosted her first show car event in New Mexico before attending the IIANM convention!

It’s always a good day when the kids are blown away by our No. 99 GAINSCO race car. At Amigos Insurance in West Jordan UT.

GAINSCO Territory Manager Christine Lormand at her first show car event with Taylor and Associates, in Roswell NM.

Cornerstone Capital Group in Provo UT hosted their show car event at Brasas Mexican Grill and gave out free tacos for quotes- yummy!

The GAINSCO booth was the spot to be with the Red Dragon and racing simulator catching everyone’s eye at the IIANM Annual Convention at Sandia Peak Resort.

Sweet Rides

While exploring Salt Lake City I came across this pristine restored 1963 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe. It looked brand spanking new.

Only In…Salt Lake City UT would a cosplay convention be going on at the same time as the UAIIA annual convention.

Only In…

Here is something sweet I have never seen before: a 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro with a custom 1968 SS grill and clip.

Only In… Roswell NM does every business in town have an alien to great customers, including Taylor and Associates.


Living Room Trail in SLC is a steep 8900ft., but moderately easy hike overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. At the top are sandstone slabs that hikers make “furniture” from. I even made a chair for my son Des.

I stopped at Sierra Blanca Brewing Company in Moriarty, NM, to take a tour and get my new IIANM Convention growler filled! I got the Green Chile Cerveza since I am used to trying weird things for this blog.


  • 1st– Amigos Insurance, West Jordan UT.
  • 5th– Cornerstone Capitol Group, Provo UT.
  • 6th– UAIIA annual convention, Salt Lake City UT.
  • 25th– Taylor and Associates, Roswell NM.
  • Sept. 27th– IIANM annual convention, Albuquerque NM.

= 4,389 miles driven from Texas to Utah and New Mexico.

Special thanks to our Territory Managers: Madeleine Stenger and Christine Lormand, as well as Audrey Douglas and Renee Thornbrugh.