It’s wild out west! The GAINSCO Auto Insurance show car program saddled up and headed west for the past few months making stops in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.  I am always fond of traveling out this way as I was born and raised there, and have family spread throughout the Southwest. There’s no way to beat the heat as hot weather seems to have no end in sight, but at least we can embrace it! Luckily, our first stop was inside at the IIABAZ convention in Scottsdale AZ. After taking a hiatus last year, the No. 99 GAINSCO Red Dragon returned to the tradeshow floor and was once again a hot commodity. Speaking of hot, in the blistering AZ desert, the show car trailer became an oven and started melting things inside like the glue that holds stuff together! The soles of my convention shoes were completely unglued and separated! You can bet your boots that I had a backup pair laced up before the tradeshow started.

Things got hotter as the show car headed due north. The sweat and hard work put in to the Utah circuit was well worth the effort as GAINSCO Territory Manager Madeleine Stenger and her agents had some serious sizzle at their show car events. Beeyond Insurance pictured above planned a late afternoon/ Friday night block party show car event. Co-owner Carlos was excited to have the opportunity to use the GAINSCO show car to build into a huge neighborhood event on a Labor Day holiday weekend. Along with the Red Dragon on display (and making some noise!), there was a stage with group dance performances and live music, a mechanical bull, pizza, and raffle prizes. The event was a huge success and went well into the night! All of the Utah show car events were well planned and particularly busy, generating excellent leads for our partner agents.

With a reprieve between Utah and New Mexico, I was able to stop along the way and spend some quality time in the high-desert town of Grand Junction, Colorado, where most of my extended family lives! It was absolutely wonderful to be able to catch up, hang out, and explore. Alas, time flies when you’re having fun, and the days ran out quickly as I soon found myself back on the road! The show car program headed to New Mexico to meet up with GAINSCO’s BDA team who services the territory. It’s always great when the show car program can get the BDAs out in the field and mix in some fun events to go along with agent visits and the IIANM convention! BDA Magdalena Reyna was the “Belle of the Ball” at the convention, GAINSCO’s MVP! Agents lined up to meet Magdalena in person and put a face to the voice that exclusively takes care of our partner agents in the state!

TM Madeleine shows me how it’s done on the mechanical bull at Beeyond Insurance in Salt Lake City Utah. The weekend block party show car event was a big hit with the community!

All hands were on deck at the Forrest Evans Insurance event in Hobbs, NM. This event was setup by the BDA team and supported on the ground by GAINSCO VP Field Operations Jessica Friedman!

Latino Insurance Services in Midvale (UT) had over 80 leads during their show car event. Along with the GAINSCO Red Dragon being on display to bring in new business, they had a taco cart giving out free tacos!

Witnessing BDA Magdalena Reyna become the star of the IIANM convention was amazing. Everybody who came to the booth wanted to know where Magdalena was and when they could talk with her face-to-face!

Sweet Rides

I ran through a parking lot to get pics of this crazy “Corvette Summer” looking custom-louvered, ultra wide- bodied 6-taillight 1978 C3 Corvette Stingray. I have never seen anything like it before!

We saw this 1985 Subaru BRAT GL truck on the old town streets of Santa Fe. Those factory rear-facing jump seats with grab handles and roll bars were so cool and fun when I was a kid. BRAT is short for Bi-Drive Recreational All-Terrain Transporter.

Good Eats

At Latino Insurance Services’ show car event, the agency hired Tacos El Cuñado to make free tacos for leads during the event. TM Madeleine and I agreed that these were the best tacos we ever had!

Team dinner after the IIANM convention at il Piatto Italian Farmhouse Kitchen and Wine Bar in Santa Fe NM. I am not sure we even knew what we ate because all dishes were shared plates, but it was all delicious including the dessert spread!


In between circuits, I made time to stop and visit family & friends in Grand Junction, Colorado. I got to explore more of the great outdoors as my childhood friend, my little brother, and I went to Ouray and hiked four different water fall trails. It was amazingly beautiful and we had the best time there!

Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM. I was excited to knock this off my bucket list. I had talked up this unique experience to the NM sales team for some time, and was elated that Magdalena Reyna and Audrey Douglas joined me on this immersive art installation that is best described as part art exhibit, part amusement park, part movie set and part play space.


  • August 23rd– IIABAZ convention, Scottsdale AZ.
  • August 28th– Beeyond Insurance, Salt Lake City UT.
  • August 30th-Smart Insurance, Taylorsville UT. 
  • September 5th– UAIIA convention, West Jordan UT. 
  • September 7th– Latino Insurance Services, Midvale UT. 
  • September 23rd– Forrest Evans Insurance, Hobbs NM. 
  • September 26th, IIANM convention, Santa Fe NM.

4,482 miles driven through Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

Special Thanks to: Territory Manager Madeleine Stenger, BDA team Magdalena Reyna and Renee Thornbrugh, Sales Manager Nicole Jackson, Field Sales Director Audrey Douglas, and VP Field Operations Jessica Friedman!