Hello Summer! After a crash course in working under the blazing sun in May and working hard on my farmers’ tan, it was time for the real test of summer…June! I went out on the road for a month-long trip that took the GAINSCO Auto Insurance show car program to Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee for a mix of partner agent events and insurance conventions. Despite often being near the coast, the heat and humidity never really eased up. Florida took up the first leg of the trip with visits in the Tampa area, Broward County, Port St. Lucie, Orlando and Lakeland. The second leg was a quick but beautiful stop at the Virginia Tech Campus in Blacksburg for the PIA VA/DC convention, along with working our way through Tennessee on the way back home.

As our company grows, so do the opportunities and none was bigger than with the Answer Financial headquarters pictured above in Knoxville TN. The event was set up by GAINSCO’s National Account Manager Mitch Roggemann. Mitch has over 20 years of carrier experience developing relationships and successfully growing business at the agent and large national account level as a sales manager, marketing manager, and sales director. Answer Financial is an online marketplace for home and auto insurance quotes from nearly three dozen carriers. Also known as AFI, they provide the insurance-searching engine underneath the marketplace. AFI held their large annual employee appreciation in conjunction with GAINSCO’s show car program passing through town. The results were simply amazing and as the only carrier to actively participate in the event, we had AFI’s full attention. You can tell from the photo collage that GAINSCO was a huge hit with a big partner in the online marketplace!

Straight from the Mitch’s mouth:I have many years of experience working with AFI; they are the premier national account partner! They don’t write with everyone, so being on their platform is a big win for us. I have known about their Employee Appreciation Event for some time but never participated at this level before. Come to think of it, I am not aware of any carrier partner participating at the level we did. When they learned of our Show Car Program they were eager to have us attend the event. Daryl brought the race car and the simulator, and Shannon Wallace and Gwen Mesta flew in to Knoxville to help us out. The single greatest agent event I’ve ever been personally involved with went off without a hitch, despite some early rain. The Knoxville location is the largest of their three offices with 150 agents on the phones. They brought in carnival games, including a dunk tank, BBQ for lunch, and even had an ice cream truck roll in! The impact from this event was felt immediately. The event was held on a Thursday and they set a single day production record on that Friday with 46 new apps and the next week, which was a holiday week, they set a new weekly production mark with 196. I want to thank everyone who has been such a huge part in getting this new partnership up and running.”

Mascots always go well with show car events! Max the Crow of Fiesta Insurance in Riverview FL gave the kids an opportunity to hang with the big bird and the Red Dragon!

This is a true “gearhead” family that drives a Ford Raptor and BMW M5; they were so excited to see a race car at the El Bodegon Supermarket with Best Insurance In Margate FL.

We almost escaped rain-free at Next Level Insurance in Port St. Lucie FL, but we got caught in a downpour and had to take the agency photo inside the trailer.

It was a very successful, hot show car event at Able Insurance, Jackson TN. Check out their cool digital marquee advertising GAINSCO.

Sweet Rides

This sweet ride is a beautiful custom blown 1969 Chevy Nova 396 Super Sport that dropped by our event at Fiesta Insurance in Riverview FL.

My son was digging the Enterprise Aston Martin DB11 V12 608-hp luxury sports car at the FAIA convention in Orlando FL.

Good Eats

Amistad Insurance had their event at Railroad Subs & Bakery in New Port Ritchie FL. I was treated to a Cuban meat combo with yucca and plantains.

It was a hot day with Best Insurance at El Bodegon Supermarket In Margate FL. The Frulados guys inside

made us a cold refreshing los batidos de jugos.


It’s summer, so of course there was a stop or two at the beach! This a was mini-vacation stop at Isle of Palms SC on the way from Florida to Virginia.

Virginia Tech University Skelton Conference Center hosted the annual PIA VA/DC convention. The campus was simply beautiful. Luckily we all had some spare time to walk around and explore. Some of the spots we visited include HokieBird, duck pond, the April 16 memorial, and War Memorial Court.


  • June 7th– Amistad Insurance, New Port Ritchie FL.
  • June 8th– Fiesta Insurance, Riverview FL.
  • June 11th-Next Level Insurance, Port St. Lucie FL.
  • June 12th– Best Insurance, Margate FL.
  • June 13th-15th FAIA annual convention, Orlando FL.
  • June 19th– Florida Authority Insurance, Lakeland FL.
  • June 23th-24th PIAVA annual convention, Blacksburg VA.
  • June 28th– Answer Financial call center, Knoxville TN.
  • June 30th, Able Insurance, Jackson TN.

= 3,521 miles driven from Texas to Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Special thanks to our Territory Managers: Teri Brown, Chuck Bush, Ray Lozano, Abnel Crespo, Maresa Spangler, Matt Faulkner, as well as Justin Robinson, Mitch Roggemann, Shannon Wallace, and Gwendolen Mesta