Fall is always that time of year that takes the show car program out on the road for about a month or so to do show car events. It is that one final push to get the GAINSCO Auto Insurance® Southeast territories all the opportunities they can to help build and strengthen the partnership with their agents. Usually a great time to be out east with the weather cooling and leaves turning colors, the annual southeast circuit has allowed this west coast-raised show car manager (me) and his traveling family to appreciate the beauty of the fall season! This year it seems as if summer is still fighting to stick around, while winter is sending some reminders that it is right around the corner.


The October circuit actually started with a pit stop in Whitney TX with Dillard Insurance for the annual Ranger Days Festival. From there it was off to Tennessee, where GAINSCO’s Business Development Team once again took on another territory, planned, set up, and worked show car events along with GAINSCO agents. Then I headed south to make a few stops in Georgia: Pictured above is TM Lexi Bowen with the Reynolds family of Signature Insurance, one of the most long-standing partnerships GAINSCO has had since entering the state. They had their show car event at the Atlanta Dragway during the Hell on Wheels Vintage Drag Races and car show. Lexi even got to sing the national anthem! After that there was no time to waste as I had to get up to Virginia for a couple of show car events with TM Kevin McCauley. Last but not least, on the way back towards home, were two final stops in Knoxville TN with Sales Manager Jose Mimoso and BDA Renee Thornbrugh. Unfortunately, a cold front moved in and we had two very cold and wet events. The agents were still very appreciative for the opportunity and will get a rain check.

Savannah Insurance Agency owner Mark Alexander is a big racing fan; he was excited to show his grand-babies a real race car in Savannah TN.

Signature Insurance’s outside-the-box show car event at the Atlanta Dragway for a vintage car show was fun for everyone, including the pinup contestants!

Mullins Insurance’s unofficial little helper in Shelbyville TN, Victor, is also an aspiring artist. He gave us a copy of his original Red Dragon drawing

Insurance Doctor in Richmond VA knows how to have a good time! They held what turned into a popular bean-toss tournament for prizes.

Sweet Rides

Mark at Savannah Insurance had this sitting in the office: a working 1970’s child’s Coca-Cola gas powered replica Model T delivery truck. My son loved it, and we didn’t even tell him it was working.

Looking at the classic Camaros during the Hell on Wheels Vintage Drag Races and car show. That big block blown engine is built for only one thing!

Only In…


Only In…Burks Insurance in McMinnville TN would you find an aviation themed office and real aisle seats. Please have your seat backs and tray tables in the full upright position!

Only In…40 degree cold, wet weather during a show car event would you find any excuse to fire up the grill to stay warm, like say, toasting pita bread.


While working in the nearby towns, we took a family adventure day In Manchester TN for a hike at Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park.

We got home just in the nick of time and still had some Halloween fun in our neighborhood! We decided on a family theme after watching the three original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies while on the road! We were Michelangelo (in the Turtle Van), April O’Neil, and Casey Jones.


  • 7th– Dillard Insurance, Whitney TX.
  • 10th– Savannah Insurance, Savannah TN.
  • 11th– Mullins Insurance, Shelbyville TN.
  • 13th– Burks Insurance, McMinnville TN
  • 17th– Fase Insurance, Jonesboro GA.
  • 18th– Fase Insurance, Conyers GA.
  • 21st– Reynolds Insurance, Commerce GA.
  • 23rd– Insurance Doctor, Richmond VA.
  • 25th– D&L Insurance, Fredericksburg VA.
  • 28th– Simpli Insurance, Knoxville TN.
  • Oct. 29th– Carlos Insurance Services, Lewisville TN.

= 3,097 miles driven in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

Special thanks to Territory Managers: Ashley Buice, Lexi Bowen, Kevin McCauley, and BDAs: Heather Sheltra, Renee Thornbrugh, Elliot Sewell, as well as Sales Manager Jose Mimoso.